When we meet, we will discuss your priorities and wishes so that we can develop a plan that works for you.  Here are some questions to think about before we meet:

  • Who would you want to manage your assets for your benefit during your life if you ever become unable to manage them yourself.
  • When and under what circumstances would it make sense to distribute your assets during your lifetime.
  • Who would you like to receive your assets after your death.
  • Who would you like to manage your health and personal care during your lifetime if you become unable to care for yourself.

Many people often think that estate planning only involves the writing of a will or trust. Estate planning, however, often also invovles financial, tax, medical, and business planning.  A will or trust is part of the planning process, but you will often need other documents as well to fully address your estate planning needs.

You will discover that estate planning is a dynamic process.  As people, assets, and laws change, it may be necessary to adjust your estate plan to reflect those changes.

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